Lowveld Audio
Accuphase Chario WBT Isotek

Lowveld Audio is a family owned business which was established in 1993 by Sharon and Jan Eigenhuis. We are based in Rocky Drift on the R40 between Nelspruit and White River.
Lowveld Audio imports and distributes top quality sound equipment, including CD players, SACD playersturntables, amplifiers, loudspeakers, connectors, power cords, plugs, accessories and mains filters. We supply our products to an established network of dealers and custom installers. 

  • Accuphase
    • Amplifiers, digital players and other products are in high demand by discerning listeners. Accuphase products achieve top ratings in the international audio press.
  • Ahlborn
    • The Parvus II classical organ keyboard establishes a new benchmark for electronic organs. It delivers a true European pipe organ sound at a highly cost effective price point.

  • Audia Flight
    • Premium high end audio equipment from Italy. Amplifiers and digital players that will send your listening experience soaring.  The Phono preamplifier is a Stereophile and Hi-Fi News favourite.
  • Chario
    • Loudspeakers are finely crafted using real wood; this Italian brand looks and feels classy, with a sound to match. Available as stereo pairs or full multi channel systems, there is a Chario for every living space.
  • Deskadel
    • Pure silver balanced and 75 ohm co-axial interconnects with teflon dielectric insulation. 
  • Feickert
    • Dr. Christian Feickert is producing no-compromise belt-drive turntables using constrained-layer damping and high-torque Papst D.C. motors. 
  • IsoTek
    • High quality mains power distribution/filter units, screened mains cables and accessories. 
    • Blue Horizon Profono phono preamplifier.
  • Jelco
    • Jelco manufactures precision tone-arms, cables, connectors and accessories. 
  • ProP
    • Mains plugs with gold-plating that ensure that a clear power feed reaches your equipment via LA double-screened mains cable.
    • Vertex is Lowveld Audio's house brand. Design and manufacturing includes pre- and power amplifiers and DIY loudspeaker kits. Contact us for details on DIY components including Elna Cerafine capacitors, Exicon mosfets and Toshiba transistors.
  • WBT
    • Connectors of distinction.

We also supply audio grade screened  Mains cables and  Power accessories