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Chario :: Constellation: Ursa Major

Chario Constellation Ursa Major

The flagship model of the Constellation Series. The Dual cabinet design decouples bass energy from the upper cabinet where most of the musical spectrum is reproduced. The upper cabinet places the drivers higher from the ground - controlling floor and ceiling bounce in a predictable manner.

The proprietary cross over configuration offers a unique solution to driver interaction and to control total energy radiated. The drivers behave and merge as one through overlapping crossover points also while controlling the desired radiation pattern, hence early reflections are controlled in order resulting in a much wider sound stage.

Preserving the ambient information on recordings is also key to recreating the recorded event. The Usra Major was designed to take in to account the dynamic range of both recording and the closed space the speaker will be reproducing the recorded event in. Taking into account the ear-brain loudness contours of a typical listener in room Chario tilts the speakers frequency response to account for this and reverberation decay of any closed space. This procedure is similar to "spatial equalization" practiced by researchers at the recording stage.